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You can leverage Thomas Appraisal Company AMC state-of-the-art real estate appraisal solutions to quickly access Local Appraisers.

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We make sure that you have access to the best. Our Certified Real Estate Appraisers offer resilient solutions you can count on.

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An extensive network of reliable professionals

You’re in the right place! We are connected with a community of professionals fully equipped to satisfy your needs.

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A quick and free call enables valuation administrators to provide our purposed services through a phone call or video conference. Clients can use their devices of choice, such as a smartphone, tablets, laptops, or PC.

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Tailor-made Solutions

Every client has their own needs and we recognize that completely. All clients are catered to through a bespoke approach, whereby, we listen to your requirements, help you find the perfect solution, make viable recommendations and enable a hassle-free process from start to finish.

FHA Single Family Appraisal Starts at


The appraisal process is the mortgagee’s tool for determining if a property meets the minimum requirements and eligibility standards for a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insured mortgage.


We’re Data-driven

We sufficiently integrated with the best technological systems out there. We funnel collected data within our systems for guaranteed efficiency.

Our highly experienced appraisers, realtors, lenders, escrow officers, title reps, who get to work and ensure steady solutions every single time.

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Appraisal Presentations

3:22 Lionel Thomas Background as an Appraiser
5:05 Goals for TAC
13:30 Do you Work for an AMC?
14:35 Who Orders the Appraisals
15:25 Retrospective Appraisals or Date of Death Appraisals

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