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Our appraisal process ensures that properties meet the minimum requirements and eligibility standards for Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insured mortgages.


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Our integration with top-tier technological systems guarantees efficient results by leveraging collected data within our systems.

We have a team of experienced appraisers, realtors, lenders, escrow officers, and title reps who consistently deliver reliable solutions.

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0:00 Introduction
1:00 Meet Ghia, Expert Appraiser at Thomas Appraisal Company
2:33 Ghia's Experiences in Real Estate Appraisal
3:20 Start of Presentation
4:22 Our Goals & Aspirations
5:20 Types of Real Estate Appraisers
12:31 Valuation Expo & Thomas Appraisal Company Website
18:50 Understanding Real Estate Appraisal
23:47 Importance of Appraisal in Real Estate Transactions
29:13 Current Real Estate Market: Pros & Cons
32:31 Criteria for Determining Comparable Sales
41:29 Selecting & Assessing Comparable Sales
43:55 Challenges in Finding Comparable Sales

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